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Visual Servo Controller 2  En ESPAÑOL

Clic to enlarge. Visual SC2 free software for servo control

Visual Servo Controller 2 is a program to control servos through controlling circuits of Mini SSC II (S310165 Controlador 8 Servos SCC) and other compatible servos, such as the new 12-channel SSC -12 (S310170 Controlador de 12 Servos). This program is characterized by its easy operation, as it allows to control up to 16 servos easily thanks to its intuitive user interface.

20 memories where the servo positions are stored

It has 20 memories where the servo positions are stored at any time, allowing the user to retrieve them later. This way the user can create and test sequences of movement step by step, generating complex movements in just a few minutes.

Precise panel control for servos

Furthermore, VisualSC2 allows for the creation of movements with constant angles or synchronized movements in which all servos begin and finish at the same time obtaining a great beauty of movement and smoothness in its operations.

Programs and configurations are both stored and retrieve from disk

Another relevant feature is the system’s great capacity to store and retrieve from the disk both programs and different configurations, including servos’ names, memory positions, servo’s limits, etc. This feature allows having a different configuration for each robot and changing from one configuration to the next quickly.

It is possible to make the two servos work inversely

The system has been enhanced by a very useful feature which matches two servos, so when moving the first servo, the second servo follows it, even if they have different values. Moreover, it is also possible to make the two servos work inversely with each other. Thus, when a servo increases, the other one decreases and vice versa. This way the system can activate the servos in parallel and opposed mode, making the operation much as easier as it is not necessary to reverse the connections of the servo’s motor.

Mini SSC II Servo controler

Lastly, we remind you that you can use this program completely free of charge and therefore there is no technical support available. Nevertheless, we look forward to receiving your comments on the program. To do so, you can contact the author at:

To install the program you simple have to download and unzip it in a folder. Next, you have to run the 'Setup.exe' file. This program works under Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP, but it requires a Com1 or Com2 serial port.

Clic Here to Download VisualSC2

Visual Servo Controller 2  En ESPAÑOL
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